It's a Marathon, not a Sprint:

Help for the Caregiver Struggling with Compassion Fatigue

The coronavirus continues to have profound ramifications with no imminent signs of relief on the horizon. Those in the helping professions are not only impacted personally but professionally as well – for many, the stamina required to show up, be present, and do good work day after day is becoming harder. Compassion fatigue is real, and the human heart can only hold so much.


Please consider taking  two hours for yourself and your group/team to hold a space for your experience and to refill your own cup.  You will engage in holistic exercises such as yoga, breathwork, journaling, and meditation practices specially designed to restore and revive your inner reservoir so that you can continue to do the amazing and important work you do.

Offered both In-Person and Virtual

Cost: $30/person

Contact me for more information on how to book for your group or team.


Thank you! 

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