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Coaching for Life and Leadership



Do you realize that the most true and real aspect of yourself if your desire for God, and that your highest calling as a follower of Jesus is to become love? Yet, our culture, even many Christian circles, tell us we are defined by external standards like performance, productivity, and popularity. This belief systems destroys our souls and actually disguises our God-given callings. 


While it's important to operate from your gifting and do things for God, it's absolutely essential to start with a lifestyle that supports being with God. This is how we cultivate emotional intelligence, experience spiritual wellbeing, enjoy the peace of Christ, love without limits, and produce fruit that makes an eternal difference in the world. 


Whether through coaching, training or instructing yoga classes, my desire is to equip and encourage women to live joy-FULL lives as authentic servant leaders and purposeful followers of Jesus, as determined by the Eternal One. ​​

What’s Next? 

If this speaks to your soul, then please reach out (below) so we can have a free Discovery Call to explore how to move forward. 

Peace and Joy, 

Katie Pearson

Private Coaching

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Whether you seek healing, spiritual transformation, support in transition, leadership, or simply "life development", I'm here to walk alongside you. I meet with you in person or over Zoom to explore your story, where you are struggling, and how God is inviting you to grow. 

Be New Yoga


The practice of yoga has changed my physical health and spiritual wellbeing in many ways. If you are interested in training, events, or even private sessions, please reach out to learn more, or visit my Be New Yoga page for regular updates! 

Get In Touch

I would love an opportunity to hear more about your story and how I can come alongside you to move forward. Contact me today to schedule a free 30-minute Discovery session.

Thank you for reaching out!

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