Life Coaching & Leadership Development

Supporting women of faith holistically to experience wholeness and purpose.


Welcome, friend. I'm Katie.

I'm so glad you found us! Be New exists to support women through life coaching, leadership training, yoga retreats, and book studies to experience wholeness and healing in every area of life and/or leadership. We take a personal and Christ-centered approach so you feel safe and seen exploring your story in the light of Truth and grace. Wherever you are in your faith, know that we honor your pace and want you to succeed in the unique plans and purposes for your life. A few things we might focus on include:

  • Replacing fear and anxiety with faith and action

  • Navigating a difficult, disorienting decision or transition

  • Renewing your mind (and mindset) to get unstuck and back on track!

  • Discovering you true identity and purpose

  • Learning to lead as Jesus taught and modeled

  • Incorporating holistic practices that reconnect you to your soul


I'm excited to get to know you and your story. Please reach out for a free Discovery Call to learn if Be New is where God is leading you in this season of your life or leadership.

Peace and Light, 

Katie Pearson

Life Coaching


We aren't meant to handle life alone, nor on our own terms. As a certified coach and biblical counselor I meet with you in person or over Zoom to explore your story, where you are struggling, and how to move forward healthy and whole in mind, body and spirit as a follower of Jesus. Click this link to learn more or fill out the Contact Form below.

Leadership Development


Great leaders aren't born, but developed. Every woman of faith is called to be a servant leader in her areas of influence, whether at home with the family, in the community, or as CEO of a large company, yet most never do. SheLEADS takes a "whole person" approach to overcoming blind spots, facing challenges, developing communication skills, and more to fulfill your callings with the mind and heart of Jesus.

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I would love an opportunity to hear more about your story and how I can come alongside you to move forward. Contact me today to schedule a free 20-minute Discovery session.

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