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Leadership Development

Answering the Call to Servant Leadership in Christ . . . 


What: This 6-week program that can be done invidividually, or as a group or team. It is designed as a holistic and experiential intensive focused equally on scripture, soul care and servant leadership principles and practices. It is for those with a deep desire to embrace the principles of Servant Leadership and intentionally live out their unique God-given purpose, wherever called. 

What is Servant Leadership? 

Servant leadership as Christ modeled contradicts traditional leadership models in that it focuses on others over self, and being empowered by the Holy Spirit versus becoming powerful based on ability, position, or the size of your platform. Therefore, the primary requirement is a radical willingness to depend on Jesus, be developed from the inside out, embrace authenticity, and identify obstacles like fear, lack of confidence, and limited opportunities to use your gifts. When you see someone passionately fulfilling her calling, it’s easy to recognize. She is usually confident, peaceful, and pursuing authentic relationships with others, as well as committed to walking with Christ, whatever the cost. Whether or not she realizes it, she is a kingdom leader. 

Why the Lioness?

In God's creation a lioness represents the freedom to live authentically from her soul. Both fierce and vulnerable, she is committed to her community, yet seeks solitude as needed. She is strong, yet nurturing, and always watchful. As such, she is prepared to face crisis and participate in God’s greater story. Finally, she empowers those she serves to become leaders in their own right. Her courage is breathtaking, and her passion to become all God envisioned is visible to all who cross her path.

When: Contact Katie to schedule

Where: Zoom (in-person intensives also available)


Group: $179/person. With 3 additional private coaching sessions $429/person.

Private: $599 (six 75-minute sessions plus materials)


Give one away! For every group, we offer one spot free! As the hostess, we will waive your tuition for the work you put into organizing, or feel free to invite someone who can't afford the program for herself. 


Additional Materials: Training Manual will be provided with optional homework assignments directed toward personal application of principles and soul care specifically for leaders.


Required reading from the book of Ephesians. Recommended reading: Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership, by Ruth Haley Barton

This program is appropriate for any individual, team, group, women's ministry, or any community of women who desire experiential, professional training with compassionate and authentic instructors to explore the spiritual, personal and professional issues women face as disciples and influencers.


Whether you are an experienced leader who needs inspiration and redirection, or just feeling nudged to go deeper in your desire to make a difference, you will be challenged, encouraged and empowered to become the woman God envisioned. Please feel free to reach out with questions. I'd love to pray with you and explore if this where God is calling you to grow in this next season of your life and leadership! 

“Anyone who wrestles with an uncertain future on behalf of others - anyone who uses her gifts, talents and skills to influence the direction of others for the greater good - is A LEADER.  No one is a mere follower.  If you are a follower of God, for instance, then you are called to lead.  Every believer is called to help someone grow into maturity - and such is the core calling of a leader.”     - Dan Allender, Leading with a Limp

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