Follow Me: Introduction to Servant Leadership

Who are you Becoming? 

"Come and follow me, and I will transform you into people who catch people for God.

As soon as you accept the invitation to walk with God, you begin the lifelong journey

of becoming a Servant Leader. "Following" isn't passive; it's a wholehearted commitment to become all God intended heart, mind, soul and strength. Why? Because you are created to influence others to become followers through your unique story and design.

This workshop will give you God's perspective on your role as a leader, and provide you with a biblical model based on the principles Jesus taught his disciples. 

This workshop is for everyone who seeks to understand her role as a follower first, and Servant Leader in any and every stage of life, from being a student, mother, mentor, or influencer in  corporate, ministry or marketplace circles. Even if you are still exploring your faith, God wants you to know that you, too, are born to lead. Will you accept the calling?

When: Coming Soon!

Where: Zoom


Cost: $45. Send via Venmo: katie-pearson-48 or PayPal: Also, email and put “Follow Me” in the subject line so I have your email address.

Private Booking: Bring this workshop to your church, team, book club or any community you are involved in. Price based on group size.