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AAA Workshop

Coming November 20, 3-5 pm PST

Feeling stuck this season? It’s important to remember that “stuck”, or “stagnant”, isn’t a fact, it’s just a feeling! I’ve developed a coaching model that’s easy for you implement yourself, or share with those you teach, that will help you stay on the path of becoming your true self in Christ and not fall into the ditch of either shame or pride (or countless others we come dangerously close to every day).


What to Expect

I’ll share a PDF with the AAA model and walk you through a practice, provide group coaching, and send you into breakout groups to share any insights or awareness. I hope you will join me!



Email me at to register and receive your PDF. Please put “AAA” in the subject line. Recording will be available. Send $35 via Venmo: katie-pearson-48 or PayPal:

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