Retreat for Women in Midlife:

Join us for a NEW perspective on perimenopause and menopause!

There’s something women aren’t talking about enough -- midlife. From aging gracefully to menopause, there’s a lot of fear and limiting beliefs around getting older. My friend and functional nutritionist and health coach, Stephanie Dalton, and I have both seen our 50th birthdays come and go. When we began sharing the war stories of our personal experience with aging, we knew it needed to be a bigger conversation.

We want to arm you with hope and tactical, relevant information to support your journey moving forward: body, mind, and soul. Experiential event that includes:

  • nutritional /supplement expertise specifically for peri/menopause

  • soul searching exercises

  • movement yoga practice to address specific symptoms

  • conversation 


Cost: $45

Date: March 6, 9am-noon

Where: over Zoom, of course! :) We promise this will be a lot of fun with plenty of movement time.

How to register: Venmo: @katie-pearson-48 or Paypal: Please EMAIL ME as well to receive registration response. Subject line: Midlife Workshop.

Note: This is for you especially if you're between the ages of 35 and 65! Perimenopause can start as early as mid to late 30's and average menopausal age is 51. 

More about Stephanie: 

Stephanie Dalton is a Certified Functional Nutritionist, Health Coach and Pilates/yoga instructor. Combining integrative, traditional women’s wisdom with the best reviewed scientific evidence for the prevention and treatment of common health concerns she weaves together her knowledge of functional nutrition and transformational coaching to create full-spectrum healing protocols for her clients. She’s passionate about helping women cultivate sustainable lifestyle changes that allow them to take control of their health through small, actionable, daily steps that are attainable & measurable.

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