Be New Retreats

Experience the Joy of Renewal

Delayed due to Covid - stay tuned! 

Join us for a women's yoga retreat in Scottsdale, Arizona

Ready to experience the JOY of RENEWAL? We are too! Join myself, Carrie Strachan and Cathy Kennedy for an all-inclusive experience at the Fransican Renewal Center in Scottsdale, Arizona November 12th through 14th.


Whether or not you practice yoga, there is plenty of goodness and GODness for everyone. We plan to move, breathe, laugh, play, and study scriptural Truth related to JOY.


This retreat center is a sacred space and one of my personal favorites. For me, there is something about the desert that invites God’s perspective, which I often miss when I am under stress or life becomes too comfortable. I fail to STOP, step off the path, take my eyes off of my agenda, take off my fancy running shoes, and see the “burning bush”. Sound familiar? Surprisingly, real joy is found well off the beaten path.