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Navigating the Seasons of Life and Leadership:
2-Hour Workshop Coming Soon!


Change is inevitable. I just went to my youngest daughter's college graduation, and am struggling to believe I am at this stage of life. Yet, there's so much possibility ahead. Transitions are hard, whether you choose them, or they choose you. However, change is always an opportunity, and if we can actually identify what season we are in and where we can grow, then we can find joy in the Lord right we are today. Furthermore, we can prepare in advance to approach the next shift with faith, hope, and love.

What Season are You In?

The purpose of looking at the seasons from a spiritual standpoint is to offer another framework that corresponds to your personal, professional and spiritual life. According to God's design, a seasonal shift in any one area typically affects your identity (what defines you?), roles, relationships, and faith. Conversely, a change in any one of these four areas might instigate a new season. While several seasons might overlap (i.e., becoming an empty nester, developing a chronic illness and choosing to start a business), one usually dominates. Oftentimes, our friends and family become aware of a seasonal shift before we do.


What to Expect

We will meet on Zoom for two hours to learn, reflect, share, and redirect our lives as God leads. I’ve created a Study Guide with relevant journal prompts so you can go deeper with the Lord on your own as well through journal prompts. Join me to reignite motivation, connect, grow and pray for Divine direction.


God is always doing something new, and has a plan for your life!

When: Monday, July 10th, 4 to 6 pm pst

Cost: $49 (or free if you purchase an 8-pack coaching package before July 15th)
Where: Zoom (recording will be available)
Venmo: katie-pearson-48 or PayPal:

***Email: - email me when you register so I have your contact info!

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